It always starts somewhere. Let’s say for me started since i was born until now, like everybody else. After going through a lot in life, good and bad moments, happy and sad memories, amazing jumps and falls in life, the path continues. Actually, it never stops.

I’m an Argentine writer living in the Netherlands since 2003. Growing and grounding my roots like a tree, with the seed of love and faith, a better world is always possible. We all have ups & downs, we all strive for a better well-being. So long we are doing fine, everyone arounds also does. It’s quite simple and challenging at the same time.

Photo by María N. Domínguez

I chose to live in another country far away from where i was born. Every time i keep walking my path, i discover new layers of myself, what i keep, what i let go. What i learn, what i discard. How the world around me, inside of me and outside evolves and i within it.

In Lelystad i have the opportunity to give my children a better life, surrounded by nature and freedom. Living in the Netherlands it has has been a huge better change of life for me. I feel much grateful and that’s why i enjoy sharing my gained wisdom with others. In different ways, creative ones mostly; since that is my life since i’m in search of my true self.

Life is amazing. So much i want to see and enjoy. There’s love, music, friends, hugs, kisses, places, laughs, family, chocolate, art, books, parties and so much more! Enjoy your stay! We’re moving on!