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Leave and let go


Recently I’ve been toying with this crazy idea about leaving it all behind. Let myself explain it better.. It’s much easier said than done. When it comes to ‘leave it all behind’ this image of running away from everything what’s harming my life is the first thing it comes to my mind. But when I look around and I see how the world evolves and all the beautiful and important things my world is made of, and then I know it’s not that easy to be done. And, also, I’m not so sure that could bring any relief to the situation itself. There’s had to be another way.

Anyway, I’m stuck between my own thoughts of leaving and letting go. At this present moment everything around me seems like too much to handle. I’m broken, loveless, living in a desperate situation; nothing seems to be good enough. But wait.. There’s much more than that. I have two beautiful kids, great friends, many talents to develop  and for sure much more! It is an internal feeling that nothing lasts forever.

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Finding my way to simplicity


Well hello back. It took me some time after the last post to be here and be able to write something new about me and, most of all, my quest of happiness a.k.a. ‘the search of my true self’.

It’s been now a month since I quit FB and believe me, it has been difficult for the first 3 weeks. But lately I happened to start feeling a quite unusual sensation of something called ‘freedom’.

Of course, this was related to many issues I’ve been experiencing for the last half year. Or, better be said, the last 5 years until now.

The main thing is that I’m broken. Broken hearted and money broken. I know these are tough topics just to drop here on a blog post. So I won’t go too much into details.

Anyway, by being true to myself, this quest for growth, happiness and fulfilment has been showing me other ways to feel part of something bigger, part of the world. It’s something basic to our humanity, a reflection of the way in which we are meant to live happy and creatively.

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On my way to Success! Finding it, owning it and shouting it from the rooftops!


This week I was scared to my bones. At the last moment I decided to write about this challenge, topic of the week of the Blog Lovin’ Tour for The Declaration of You #tdoybook. This week we were talking about Success.

I didn’t choose this topic on the very first moment, I was too scared to do so. Finally I made up my mind with two topics, both a real challenge for me to write about them.

Why so scary about success? Good question. Success is a word that sounds too good,  it has an especial effect, a certain charm. Maybe is the sound of the word itself, shining whisper with a finishing touch. And if you think aboit it success sounds almost like stress. Don´t stress to success!

Everybody wants to be succesful, of course. Why could I feel so shy about writing something everybody aspires to have?

The truth is that I tend to block my own path. Unconsciously. I’m still learning to rise and shine. Participating with this Blog Lovin’ Tour has been up to now a great opportunity for me to write about  my personal path search, a creative and professional one. Learning myself better with the close advice from the girls, Michelle Ward and Jessica Swift, doing what they’re good into, showing how it is to be finding out what it makes your life turn fun, sharing what you learn and having success. Success is a shiny word, almost like summer. Ok, maybe a different summer than in the Netherlands. The best is yet to come.

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A new hope


So, of course the title of this post is the name of the first, and later fourth, George Lucas’ film Star Wars. It’s not such a random title. It says a lot about struggle and how in times when everything seems difficult, there’s still hope.

And that’s how I feel today. The challenge has came to an end. It’s over and done. Today is officially the last day I will be receiving unemployment insurance and this quest on social media I started to being helped to find a job is not longer of use. Or yes it is. But in a different form. I will tell you more about it.

Reality is that  I’ve got nice tips, advice, contacts, a better network, because yes networking works, I said it before. But when it comes to a real solution to my matters, then things are different that what I was expecting. I told you about how difficult it has been to keep my spirit high after having expectations that didn’t work.

So, today on the 13th of may I still don’t have a job, money enough for one more month to pay bills, and still no clue how everything will develop after all.

And you may think, how can I still think about hope. I think that hope is something quite different than luck. Although luck looks like a nice word, it’s more a random idea of getting what you want without doing anything for it. Like winning the lottery or getting presents without waiting for them. But no, I think luck is chance of fortune, and we think it depends on what you believe in, can be religion or superstition, not depending on our own behaviour and the way of thinking.

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