Inspiration, Self-development

Leave and let go


Recently I’ve been toying with this crazy idea about leaving it all behind. Let myself explain it better.. It’s much easier said than done. When it comes to ‘leave it all behind’ this image of running away from everything what’s harming my life is the first thing it comes to my mind.

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Inspiration, Wellness

Finding my way to simplicity


Well hello back. It took me some time after the last post to be here and be able to write something new about me and, most of all, my quest of happiness a.k.a. ‘the search of my true self’.

It’s been now a month since I quit FB and believe me, it has been difficult for the first 3 weeks. But lately I happened to start feeling a quite unusual sensation of something called ‘freedom’.

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Awareness, Inspiration

On my way to Success! Finding it, owning it and shouting it from the rooftops!


This week I was scared to my bones. At the last moment I decided to write about this challenge, topic of the week of the Blog Lovin’ Tour for The Declaration of You #tdoybook. This week we were talking about Success.

I didn’t choose this topic on the very first moment, I was too scared to do so. Finally I made up my mind with two topics, both a real challenge for me to write about them.

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