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An artist of the floating world*


I’m happy to be back here again. It took me a long while to unfold my need to be writing again. I’ve been learning to master the art of (dis)connection and at the same time, proving myself that art was not mere an object of my passion. I’ve been under much stress, that’s true. And the fact that I feel lonely and full of energy has made me think twice how was I going to continue with my writing. Many things are happening at the same time, life evolves in mysterious ways and sometimes what we think normal isn’t like that anymore. Nothing wrong with that. There aren’t absolutes. We tend to think we are on the right path, and the following moment fall into emptiness without warning. And that’s fine. Although we may be not prepared for it.

Let’s see.. In the past months I’ve realized my writing hasn’t improved much. I’ve been too much involved with myself, my own visions of life, changing from one subject to the other. Keeping my head among the clouds, walking all the time on the same circle. In that sense I don’t see much improvement. There has been no reality check after all, no art.

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First steps: following the advice given


When I started this challenge, on a  monday really late in the evening, exactly on the 12th March, I didn’t have in mind what was I going to achieve by sharing my experience and asking for help on social media. I had, yes,  the idea that social media could actually work for almost everything. I’m always using Facebook for the creation of events, and sharing information with a great network. That’s something that gives me lots of feedback.

But looking for a job, and being helped with that, it’s just something totally different.

So, that monday late in the evening I created this challenge as an event and placed it on my profile on Facebook, on a public mode. I must say that I’m really picky when it comes to letting people see stuff I write or post on my profile. This way it was a double challenge to expose myself, using myself as a sort of Guinea pig. What I’ve done is a real example of personal branding.

Immediately after I’ve got many messages and people commenting on the event (challenge). I was really amazed! Most of them were people I didn’t even know or met before. Some friends and contacts replied really fast, also giving me advice or tips. All ideas were welcome and I felt a bit overwhelmed. Social media really works!

I was happy with the result and really enthousiastic knowing that what I’ve had in my head was taken seriously and people do really wanted to help me.

However this great idea was, many things weren’t really clear for me, how was I going to use them all?. After a couple of days of getting messages from acquaintances and strangers I felt a bit under pressure.

Everybody was giving me their opinion and telling me what should I do. I must say I always been a really self-sufficient person, and asking for help is not something I do quite often. Although at this moment I can REALLY  use all help possible!

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