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The public library, podium for art and culture

Since I live in Lelystad, in the Netherlands, the public library has always been a place where I feel at home. And it’s not just because I love to read books, because to be honest, reading books nowadays demands making time for it. And time is something we all complain about not having enough.

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Joining a new project on the go! #Augustbreak2014


Hi all, after my last post and almost turning the famous and fabulous 40’s, I now want to tell you about a new project I will be joining together called #AugustBreak2014.

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Escape to the future


The last weeks have been really busy back here in my small world. At this moment new projects coming my own way, new insights about love, friendship, work, dreams, children and just the rough everyday’s life. That’s what matters after all.

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An artist of the floating world*


I’m happy to be back here again. It took me a long while to unfold my need to be writing again. I’ve been learning to master the art of (dis)connection and at the same time, proving myself that art was not mere an object of my passion. I’ve been under much stress, that’s true. And the fact that I feel lonely and full of energy has made me think twice how was I going to continue with my writing.

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