When you tell a story you present the main characters and ideas, then you start messing it all up. A good story with the correct structure lines its built upon the following

1. Exposition: The Beginning
2. Rising Action: Introduction of the Problem or Conflict
3.Climax: The High Point
4. Falling Action: Winding Down
5. Resolution: The End

As you see, we skip one of them, and we go directly to the climax: the high point.

As a writer i’ve been working with different people and organizations, collaborating with written articles- freelance, volunteer and paid – I also have my own blog (in Spanish) Holanda Hispánica and sold-out first book (Palabras Santas, published in March 2014 in Amsterdam).

Portfolio is soon to come!

My main passions are communication, social work, music, journalism, history, vegetarianism, alternative therapies, sciences, culture, art, a.o.

I discovered the bug of travel when i was not even born, since then on it has been a big travelling life. The last year i rediscovered the passion of travelling on my own and i’m very pleased if i can combine it with my other of my great passions, like writing and trance music. Travelling to other countries for parties and festivals, and having the opportunity to write articles about it is what i call a dream come true!

I have great leadership skills, as organisator of (cultural) events, expositions, workshops, etc. I have also experience  working as a presentator (radio programme, ceremony master, host), tourist guide with groups, personal assistant and information service work.

Currently i run and promote my own blogs with social media tools. I also collaborate by writing articles for online platform TranceFamily