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What I do

Although describing myself as a writer, in the last years I have developed a strong sense for communication, information and coaching. I can easily build relationships, give advice, inform and I am customer-friendly. Coaching and supporting people belong to my true passions. I am helpful, open-minded, results oriented, creative, flexible, communicative and social.

As a writer I’ve been working with different people and organizations, collaborating with written articles, interviews, reviews, etc.

In 2010 I started my work as blogger with my blog (in Spanish) Holanda Hispánica. Later I started my more intimate one Palabras Santas, from which also came my sold-out first book (Palabras Santas, published in March 2014 in Amsterdam).


My main passions are communication, social work, music, travel, journalism, history, vegetarianism, alternative therapies, awareness, sciences, culture, art, i.a.

I discovered the bug of travel before I was born, since then on it has been a big travelling life. In 2015 I rediscovered the passion of travelling on my own and I’m very pleased when I can combine it with my other huge passion, Trance music. Travelling to other countries for parties and festivals, and having the opportunity to write articles about them is what I call a dream come true!

I have great leadership skills and with the organisation of (cultural) events, expositions, workshops, etc. Also with presentations (radio program, ceremony master, and host), tourist guide with big groups, as a personal assistant and with information service work.



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