Vernal Equinox – Spring


While we enter the new season, something has been cracking inside of me. It’s going to burst out all kind of things; flowers, colours and much different stuff. It comes like the tides, with high and low moments of freedom, insight, revelations, much new information still in process of downloading.

Spring is the time of rebirth. It’s the time when the seeds are ready to bloom. We leave behind the dark and cold days to receive the fullness of life.

With the new season I enter a place without a place. A reality which turns out to be a plain fiction; illusion, broken dreams, failures, sadness, parts of my dark side are now drifting away. Burning the bridges and drowning the valleys.

Everything has it time and place.

My time has come. I’m ready to definitely move on. Keep it on; the path unfolds with every step I take. Like its showing its true colours after the winter sleep.

The air gets thicker, the light shines fiercely more.

I know things are still in pure development. I trust my inner vision.

The place I’m heading to it is where I belong. Still looks like a long way to go.


Vernal Equinox


One thought on “Vernal Equinox – Spring

  1. Ik vind het fascinerend over jouw spirituele ontwikkeling te lezen. Ik vind het voor mijzelf ook heel leerzaam.

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