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Escape to the future


The last weeks have been really busy back here in my small world. At this moment new projects coming my own way, new insights about love, friendship, work, dreams, children and just the rough everyday’s life. That’s what matters after all.

Your everyday’s life, what you put in your head since the moment you wake up to the moment you go back to horizontal position and (try to) sleep.
Some weeks ago sleeping was everything what I was thinking about. Yes, don’t take me wrong, sleeping like forgetting and letting go.

I had terrible pains within myself, my whole body ached, my mind was exploding with pressure and everything I wanted was to escape to another time, as soon as possible. Since that was nice said but not so easy done, sleeping looked as the only thing I could do for real to avoid the present and that future I could barely grasp.
At the same time, some new stuff was coming my way. In this case in the shape of my first published book! Yes, I could now say that I AM A WRITER WITH A REAL BOOK OF MY OWN. This specifically wasn’t bothering me much at all; it was more about the people around me asking that sort of questions when I say what I am, or what I do.

Obviously, being a writer is tough work. Don’t get me wrong, putting words together and giving them some sense is not just like preparing a new dish for dinner. Or it can be like that. Depending on the facility you have to experiment with ingredients and making something out of your heart. Love. Yep, even for words to be put together, you also need some love for the art of it.
So this is great news I know and I have been busy putting the book together, arranging with a lovely Argentine painter and visual artist to make the perfect cover for me. I also included two translations to Dutch, since this is the language from the country where I live and the language I’m supposed to be speaking every day.

Many different people worked together with me to make this dream come true. And I feel so grateful for it. Almost like in the clouds. Happiness, I realize, is something that you have to let come into your life and not the other way. It’s necessary to feel as empty as possible to be able to receive new stuff. While I was worrying about my bad circumstances nothing was coming my way. And if it was coming I wasn’t looking right straight into the eyes of it. I mean, I was unable to understand, to decipher the codes of things.

It’s not like now I know everything and I can jump to the stars. I still feel empty and awkward. But I feel hope. And hope, my friends, never leaves, while other things in life come and go, and we all want to live forever, but oh man, that’s not the way the universe works.

As for now, I’m organising the official presentation of my book, it will be soon, in the perfect place for it, in an anti-squatting property, where it used to be the Film Academy in the city of Amsterdam, called OT301. This place, now owned by a group of artists and creative people, works as an alternative cultural building. I’m amazed I can host my book presentation here, by vegan restaurant De Peper.

It speaks clearly about my mind-alike work, how this book was born. All is done with a handcraft self-made way of doing things. The main focus sits on art and culture diffusion. Obviously I will get some money from the sales of the books, but not much. It’s also a small run of books, 50 in total. I don’t mind, because I know that if more people are interested we will get the money to print a new run of it.

So, these are my news. My book presentation will be hosted on Saturday 3rd May in the city of Amsterdam. A friend professional DJ will delight us with some beats and tunes, we will be reading some fragments from the book and we will be finally having some toast with veggie ’empanaditas’ (an Argentine pastry full with vegetables and other nice stuff). If you fancy coming and dropping by, you’re very welcome. Time is set from around 17:00 hours. Official invitation will follow.

Ah, of course, the event is in Spanish, since the book is written in this language. Hope you like to come by. We all speak other languages, so the fact that it is an Spanish event doesn’t matter at all. We like people just for who they are. I’m glad if just my good friends come by and say hello. That will be great!

Meanwhile, I will continue searching for more, because love is all around. Even in the shape of tiny projects, ideas and most of all, moments. They go away forever. I want to treasure them all as much as I can.

Happy dreams!


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