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Girl, the places you’ll go


I said I wasn’t sure to be back here, but now that my suitcases are almost done and prepared for the big day I thought to drop by and say hello.

Not a just plain hello, but some things I wanted to tell.

In my last post I was telling you how life was since I didn’t have any FB action. And indeed, although it was a bit weird not to be part of it, it was ok.

Well, then, this last 22 October I decided to reactivate the account. I realized now that it had been 2 months, and that looked like an ok time to say hello again.

I was having this odd feeling that life was happening somewhere else than where I was. Almost everything seems to be happening on FB nowadays. Constantly we’re shown to see almost all companies and brands having their own FB page, parties are thrown up, people exchanging messages and important data rather than sending an email, or giving a call. Not to mention the fact that it can get even worse, not seeing each other’s faces personally.

I was having this awful idea of not belonging to anywhere anymore. And for that reason and because now I’m travelling back to homeland Argentina, thought the time was ripe to be joining this boat.

And guess what happened? Nothing happened. Better be said, I’ve got immediately answers from friends and family who were exactly at that moment there. Then it all started again.And it was nice, I admit it. To be center of attention again, specially among the people I was missing contact due to the reasons listed above.

Why am I telling you all this?

Well, it’s now 3 days in a row with the FC account running again and all I feel is emptiness. It’s not social media the problem, it  is the lack of continuity it has. Life outside these walls is different. And there are brighter days than others. On FB life imitates reality. We show a piece of us, the one we want the world to see.

After checking every status update from friends, mixed with companies and brands (the things you say you ‘like’) I felt as being again thrown into a labyrinth. I had suddenly this feeling of wanting to see each update, each comment, each message and each detail of everybody’s life.

I still think FB and social media are in general really good because it can show you that piece of reality really fast. But the best of it all is the connection with the world. Seeing pics from friends on holidays, how old kids get, pics of that great concert with friends or just the necessary quote of humour and sensibility per day, yes, that makes your daily life richer. Or at least that’s what we tend to think.

But, wait a minute… among all these, there are other things too… don’t you feel a certain feeling of emptiness, boredom or/and weariness? It feels like you’ve not seen enough yet, though It looks like you’ve seen too much. Well, what else can life gives us while we are so connected? What else do we want?

Then everything felt to pieces again. Here I was, trying to make a statement, trying to prove something for myself, and yet I was again victim of my own delusion.

It was time for a time out. I think it is an addiction after all, or not? What do you think?

So I thought to do some research first. I checked my online profile, or better be said, I google my name. I wanted to see if it was true I was necessarily somewhere else than where I should be. And I found enough data and information over there. Scary is to see that so much private information is making its way floating through the ether.

That big party I was feeling not being invited to was a fake one. There’s no party at all.

Almost two days to go back to homeland. I wonder what I will come across in my path. Could it be real that after these last 5 years that I didn’t visit my homeland and had FB all the time, I was missing something bigger than this social media fake party?

I don’t know.

What I do know now, is that time is an ellipsis, an unfinished thought, no end in sight. Time happens when you’re travelling, changing the clock time backwards, flying against the sun time and changing seasons. That is life, pure and real. And not what FB seems to show us.

FB as other social media tools is there to make you feel you’re part of something bigger. And maybe that’s also true. But life or at least MY LIFE has nothing to wish about being part of such a thing.

I will stay, for good, but don’t expect me to join the circus. Yet, I will be networking and using this free space for my own purposes. I will be spreading the word. My word, my world.

And this is all I wanted to say tonight.

Next blog post will be related to my trip to Buenos Aires. A really special one, since this is the first time I’m travelling on my own with one of my children for such a long time and distance. It’s also a longer trip than the ones before. And, last but not least, this is the real low budget trip ever.

I will be launching my blog in Spanish Low Budget Mama in an English version. I will be telling you all details about travelling with a toddler as a single mom and… on a low budget. You will hear more about me and my beautiful birth city, Buenos Aires.

As for now, I’m going to relax back in my own world.

Until next time! Have a great weekend!

Sunday I will be flying in the ellipsis of time. Au revoir!


3 thoughts on “Girl, the places you’ll go

  1. You will be missed – in the real world, that is – by your neighbours Flip and Astrid. We love you and we hug you, and we tell you, though life has dull and ugly moments, it is never empty. Bon voyage to Argentina, enjoy your stay there, embrace your family and perhaps your friends who you didn’t know you still have them over there, and come home safely!
    You know, you belong in Argentina, but you also belong in Holland. How rich can a person be? Having two fatherlands where most people only have one?
    As always, love! See you in five weeks time!

    1. Dear Flip, I’m glad I’m already back, and indeed my home is in two places in this world, and that enriches me more than what I thought.
      Thanks to you and Astrid for being there. I know I didn’t come to seay hello yet, but I will be doing that soon. Take care

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