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Time is what you make of it – Embrancing change


Well, it’s been a while. Hello back.

For the last months I’ve had enough fun on Facebook and a social writing life with the Blog Lovin’ Tour of The Declaration of You book. Almost every week during the tour I was writing a post about a topic and enjoying a lot doing it. The last post was about #trust, and that was the same topic I wrote about as a reason to join this Blog Tour. Then it was this deadline on Friday2nd. And I didn’t write anything.

So, at the end of the tour I didn’t make it to write (again) about trust. My idea about it has never changed but I’ve noticed my spirit was already somewhere else.

Deadline was Friday and on the 3rd, Saturday, my birthday. I was supposed to be hosting a bbq party with family at home. But it went different than expected. At the end, I was alone with two good friends that came to enjoy dinner with me and my daughter. I even had a cake with candles! I feel really grateful that they were here this day with me.

Then I realize that obviously this fun time was great but it was also over. Finito.

Fact is that trust is something very personal. Trust in yourself. Trust in what you are going through. Even if the obstacles you’re coming across look unbearable, trust means to let go. Trust is also about your talents, trusting your skills, trusting yourself as a whole great person, for who you are and what you do.

I had an ok time but I wasn’t in the mood anymore to write something about it. So, I didn’t join the party or the closing of the event, with a Facebook party online! On my birthday day! It was too much! I spend many hours of this sunny day alone with my daughter, we went outside together on the bike, like any normal day, spend the midday at the library. This is my second home.

It was also holiday’s time. This amazing summertime OMG!!! I sooooo much love it!!!! It has been really fun, relaxing and awesome! To be outside in the sun, riding the bike, going with the kids to the beach, having bbq’s at home, and of course my trip with my best friend Anna to the island of Texel in Holland. And it ended with the celebration of my birthday during an open event in Amsterdam-Noord at Basis Amsterdam in Noorderpark. Many good (girl)friends showed up, we had a great time pic-nic and an awesome chocolate cake! Amazing! And verything has been done on a real lo(ve)w budget!!! This has been a good and happy summer.

It still is! I’m still trying to enjoy it as much as I can, since I know that later the winter will be cold brrrrrrrrr. I don’t even want to think about it!

I can say that these last week’s I’ve been embracing change. Today is almost 10 days I stopped being on Facebook. Maybe not for the best reasons, but it was the excuse I needed. I highly recommend a #FBDetox to everybody who needs a break from sharing and being addicted to check it every second of the day. What a relief not to check it on my smartphone anymore! Freedom!

As for now I’m looking forward, let’s see what comes in my path.

I do admit that now I’m more active on Twitter. I really like it and I’m still discovering its potential. It’s less personal, more business/professional alike, better directed to my goals (work, interests, news, etc.) And also a great source for network. By following people, organisations, companies and also famous people, you get access other information channel, joining others and being part of something else without giving up staying yourself. However, I’ve already found out that there are many fake-accounts, they send you spam or they repeat as parrots information they’ve seen somewhere else. Still it’s a great tool. For what I’m going through now it’s kind of the perfect social media channel.

I’m not an expert. I did read a book about it, borrowed it from the bieb (public library) and tried to give it a better use. It’s a sort of wonder that by the different words you use all kind of people can be following you. I find this really interesting and intriguing.

This post goes about change and making time for the things you need, you want andhappen to come along in your path. For this reason I also want to tell you that I will be busy with an online course starting this coming Sunday 1st September.

I came across this great website with free online courses and immediately felt happy to be joining CIC – Creativity, Innovation and Change course, given by teachers from the Pennsylvania State Universit. There is even a life coach to support students along the way during these following  8 weeks.

The name caught my attention. Since I’m on the search for my own path, these topics have been coming across all the time. Change and creativity for the most.

Innovation is something I’m also interested in. I’m pro recycling, second-hand use, green and sustainable. I’m not a vegan but I’m interested, I rather prefer veggies. If I hear about something new, an article or research about any topics related to this, I’m always open for. I’m open to what is related to new, change, improvement. Wellbeing and human connection are really important to me. Living in a better world is a life goal. I’m also interested in different disciplines of science and new technologies. During my short time at University and school times I developed a more humanist profile. But I do love many different things. Science is the answer to all the religious paradigmas.

What I like the most is that it stimulates creativity by encouraging students to risk failure. I myself, with all my ups & downs, know enough about this and how important it is to take your chance when it is out there. The time is now (Moloko).

It’s been more than a half a year since I followed a course for the last time. It was education related, in situ, about positive parenting, Triple P.

I’m hungry for some new knowledge 🙂

Since I decided to go for ME this last time, I know that learning is really important for this path to be shown. Money shouldn’t be always an obstacle to learn. Period.

About Facebook, I want to say that although all the critics it stays a great social media channel to show yourself or your business if you have a clear goal. It’s a great tool. I always recommend small businesses and freelancers to create their own biz page and get enough interaction for people to like them; it has a great viral effect with all that sharing.

For me it just worked a bit different. All the great contacts I’ve made, new friends, information, events and network and the experience of creating my own groups and personal pages has also being of great use. And everything is for free! Ok, ok, the risk is that everything what you share, like and do it’s also property of a company. That isn’t nice at all. It sucks.

I don’t regret being on Facebook for 5 years. It’s been great to stay back in touch with my ex colleagues of Tower Records, friends from old times in Argentina and Spain. It was great to have the chance of learning to know new people. Especially with all the new contacts, small businesses, creative people, artists, writers, all kinds of people. And also mothers. Also Argentines parents with kids in Holland. And also, sharing pics and having contact with all my family around the world. That is one of the best things ever. So fast, so close.

Now I’m going through a different stage. A chapter goes closed, another goes open.

It’s the book of my life. It will be the book of my own wisdom. As personal as that is, I go for it. And as everybody, I too have my own good and bad moments.

So, if you don’t mind I will come back here again, maybe not as a full-time blogger, but yes as a fully-own writer. As for now I will focus on what happens now, into this present time. It’s a matter of quality above quantity. This is what I strive for.

Hope to see you back again.


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