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On my way to Success! Finding it, owning it and shouting it from the rooftops!


This week I was scared to my bones. At the last moment I decided to write about this challenge, topic of the week of the Blog Lovin’ Tour for The Declaration of You #tdoybook. This week we were talking about Success.

I didn’t choose this topic on the very first moment, I was too scared to do so. Finally I made up my mind with two topics, both a real challenge for me to write about them.

Why so scary about success? Good question. Success is a word that sounds too good,  it has an especial effect, a certain charm. Maybe is the sound of the word itself, shining whisper with a finishing touch. And if you think aboit it success sounds almost like stress. Don´t stress to success!

Everybody wants to be succesful, of course. Why could I feel so shy about writing something everybody aspires to have?

The truth is that I tend to block my own path. Unconsciously. I’m still learning to rise and shine. Participating with this Blog Lovin’ Tour has been up to now a great opportunity for me to write about  my personal path search, a creative and professional one. Learning myself better with the close advice from the girls, Michelle Ward and Jessica Swift, doing what they’re good into, showing how it is to be finding out what it makes your life turn fun, sharing what you learn and having success. Success is a shiny word, almost like summer. Ok, maybe a different summer than in the Netherlands. The best is yet to come.

The whole week I’ve been paying attention to my environment and letting it me inspire to write about it. When Abby (coordinator of all this amazing tour!) said if it was possible to write it on Friday 12 July, I knew I had a deadline. Readingt other people’s ideas ideas which came along in my path also helped me to envision what I wanted to write today. I knew I needed to trust my own feelings and ideas about it. And here, I think, comes the core of my declaration of success.

With all the credits it deserves. Finding it, owning it and shouting it from the rooftops is what I want the most.

What is Success after all?

Of course, success comes in all kinds and colours. And what it means to you can be something completely different to me. This is my declaration on success

*not precisely in this order*

  • sustainable financial independence
  • my kids
  • closer family ties
  • LOVE
  • healthy life
  • being part of a community
  • following my creative impulse
  • helping others find their own path
  • being the best version of myself
  • meeting and connecting new friends
  • spending chill out moments in good company
  • dancing and having fun
  • going to concerts, listening to music
  • learning my brain to think out of the box
  • writing = sharing
  • travelling to interesting and new places
  • discovering art & culture of the world
  • having my meditation time
  • books (so little time, so many books!)
  • eating green and healthy

There’s much more for sure. Here you make me happy 🙂

The message of success is for everybody different.

I’m ready to live my life in a creative, fullfiling and ‘untraditional way’. It takes courage to take your life and make the best choices for yourself.

It’s all about you. That’s the reason why the book is called The Declaration of You. Nothing else matters.

It’s all about me.

My declaration on Success

The long soapy of my life taught me to be succesful no matter what, even if that wasn’t my real path. Being somebody else if it was necessary.

By finding my uniquity I realized my way to success is just what I write for myself. We all write our own paths.

It’s been such a tough road this one. I’m a person who tries. Always, no matter how difficult it looks, I learn from everything that happens to me.

My great success up to now are my beautiful family (my kids!); my blogs; setting little steps towards what the future will bring. And this post is also a step forward to success. By being part of a creative community and doing what I love: writing. I’m moving myself into that direction. Here I come!

I also have to say that after researching a bit more about it, I know I´m quite succesful in other areas. My true values are integrity, honesty , love and compassion. These are also really important to be succesful in life. Many think that having money and a great job is being somebody. They put a label to who they are, other way they won’t respect themselves for what they can. Success is something you have to work for, different than luck.

In the Netherlands is already late, today is 13th July. Stll the Blog Lovin’ Tour runs Pacific time zone, so I made it to the deadline!

Yet another success!

See you next week with topic #money!

Have a great weekend!


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