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Being one of a kind – Find your uniquity!


Blog Lovin’ Tour – The Declaration of you

As I told during my last post from the challenge, I will be now sharing my passion with you again. I’m now joining the Blog Lovin’ Tour of The Declaration of You, The Declaration of You, the book written by artist and designer Jessica Swift and creative career coach Michelle Ward.

The Declaration of you will be published by North Light Craft Books this summer, with readers getting all the permission they’ve craved to step passionately into their lives, discover how they and their gifts are unique and uncover what they are meant to do! This post is part of The Declaration of You’s Blog Lovin’ Tour, which I’m thrilled to participate in alongside over 100 other creative bloggers. Learn more – and join us! – by clicking here.

I will be joining this great experience the coming weeks with different topics. This time it will be about Uniquity, yes, it you read good, it’s a made-up-word. This is the ultimate uniqueness!

Why am I joining this Blog Lovin’ Tour?

You may ask yourself why and you won’t be the only one. If I think why, I may say that it happened almost as fast as the light. Without thinking!

When I started this blog, about the challenge of looking for a job, came across so much information that I wanted to share it with the whole world. Now that the challenge is over, I think this is exactly what I needed: a new challenge. I love challenges! But most of all I love to write. And writing about topics which are so common to me and everybody else, makes it just great. I want to share the passion, the ideas but most of all, I want to share the love. And loving yourself for who you really are, with all your talents and defects is part of growing up and finding your true self.

Since I’m going through that stadium already for some time, what can be greater than sharing my own quest with you and everybody who follows Michelle Ward?? She’s been such a great coach and that without even working together for real. I see that she can really help creative people like me. And by joining this Blog Lovin’ Tour I’m glad I’m part of something as important as that. Welcome to the Blog Lovin’ Tour! Fasten your seatbelts! We’re going for a ride!

Being different when you’re young and naïve

When I was a child, let’s say between 6 and 8 years old, my mother and my stepfather (a.k.a. my parents) used to travel really often for their business to the USA, in particular to the city of New York. During these years, my homeland Argentina was not yet a Democracy and almost everything that was related to the English-speaking was forbidden or banned. So was with music and TV programs, for example. So everything related to this age came much later.

Then, in 1983 the Democracy came to stay and importation and exportation begun to break free. The country was being filled with all kinds of stuff from all over the world. But before this year it was really rare to have access to stuff Made in USA. Although we now know almost everything made in USA is being made in China, but whatever.

When I was a child, let’s say 7 or 8 years old I was getting always stuff made in USA. From clothes to toys, dolls, paper stationery, candy, and lots of things I can barely remember now. Everything from USA was always nicer, brighter, bigger and colourful. The designs were pretty and shining. One book I clearly remember is a children’s one, “You’re one of a kind” by Joy Wilt. English reading was one of my favourite passions.

I was always delighted by being so spoiled with such beautiful and unique things. In my eyes they were pretty unique because I was the only one among my friends and classmates who was having this sort of things. At home almost everything we had come from USA. From the mugs for breakfast (all different ones mostly bought at Macy’s) to our placemats, towels, etc. It seems my parents were coming back from their trips with heavy suitcases.

Of course being such a spoiled child comparing with my peers was making me different. Much different than what I actually wanted. I so much wanted to fit in! By fitting in, later I knew, you just need to be as the rest: wear the same clothes (bought at the same stores), have the same toys, do the same things, have the same hobbies, go to the same places.

My family was unique in their own way too. My parents were going late to bed (almost every night going for dinner, also for business), waking up also late every morning. Weekends we were not going to the usual places, we didn’t have a membership of any club, going to the zoo or to an attraction park was also not part of their schedule. The most of the times they were sleeping up to late, having breakfast in bed (I used to prepare it for them quite often) and having a late lunch. Days were almost gone just relaxing and doing nothing. For the child I was at this time, I was getting a bit crazy with this way of life.

By the time I grew up and then later my sister and brother came in the picture, this life was such normal that I didn’t bother anymore to think about it. For that reason, and because we were living in a crowded city, I was a child who almost every day was sitting in her room alone. I spend so many hours just on my own, reading, playing with my Playmobils (up to the age of 14!), inventing my own world, playing with my dolls and writing. Writing in my diary was like having a second chance, a second me. During this time I developed the not so healthy habit of speaking into myself. From what I remember I made up a twin sister. So I was talking to her, playing with her and having lots of fun by being totally by myself.

At school things weren’t going so smooth. The fact that my mother was always travelling so much and almost never present for scholar acts, parents meetings, school trips, etc. build a big gap between me and my peers. These times are a bit sad for me.

I always had been a big reader. From what I can remember I was always in the company of a book, all kinds of books.  At the beginning were children’s books, but later also comic books and all kinds of novels came along my way.

I was 14 when I read The Catcher in the Rye for the very first time. I remember how much I loved this book, from beginning to end. It was like a metaphor of my life, seen through the eyes of a young scholar boy.

Finding your uniquity, keeping it and making it part of who you really are

Of course much changed since the moment I was 14 and those are the most difficult years for me, and so it is for almost all teenagers. These are tough times, with growing pains. You feel like growing fast and furious sometimes.

Much later, when I was already on my way to maturity, closer to which I am now, this uniqueness has been sometimes difficult to grasp. I mean, it’s great to develop your best skills and talents, but when you talk about growing it isn’t a bed of roses. It can be hard to realize who you are, what are you best at, what makes you unique and have the courage to live up to your real needs.

When it comes to having a family, children and a partner, your uniqueness can develop into something else. It can get harder to use it and be proud of it. You may often want to be just like everybody else. Not thinking much, not risking much. Taking one thing at a time, having fun, believing that what makes you unique isn’t going to take you to the right place, right people, right you.

And this, people, is just the challenge of your whole life. Do you want to have the same as everybody else? Do you think that will make you happy? Think twice. Your body, mind and soul are shouting from within your inside. Everything you need to fulfil your desires and ambitions lies within yourself. It’s like a Pandora box, waiting for it to be opened. Once it’s opened, all the magic will come out and you will get what you need, more than what you want.

Because, being who you really are, accepting that and living upon who you really should be is tough work. But all true work is hard. Even for me.  Since I grew up knowing I was one of a kind. Later I wanted to be like everybody else.

But today I can say I don’t want to be like everybody else. I want to be much more as myself, much more as me as that is possible to be. Because being you with all your good and bad sides is the only way. And this way will bring you to your own right path, to all you deserve, to all what’s out there for you to find out.

And about me, like other people did I can make a list of everything what I now know makes me unique, a different type than you. I know it’s not that original, but I read the list of co-author Jessica Swift about her uniqueness, and couldn’t resist writing my own! Here’s the list of the yin and yang of me!

·         I’m ambidextrous, which means that although I’m mostly right-handed, I can use my left hand for a lot of things (even eating with my fork!).
·         Before being born I was already living in another country (in Barcelona, Spain) and then moved back twice within 2 years time!
·         My parents got divorced when I was 3 years old. My mother and I went to live back in Argentina and my father stayed in Spain.
·         My father and I developed a good relationship since I’m living in the Netherlands (since 2003). Before that we could never get along with each other.
·         I have one brother and two sisters, all them younger than me. And they’re actually half-brother and half-sisters, one sister and brother from my mother’s side and my little sister from my father’s side (both re married and divorced twice).
·         I’m a flexitarier. This means I feel myself more vegetarian than what I actually am. I love to eat green but I eat meat too. When I have the chance I choose veggies rather than meat.
·         I wanted to become a pet doctor, but changed my mind when I found out that I couldn’t stand the sight of blood.
·         I’m actually really bad with that blood seeing that when somebody tells about an accident or a cut, just by thinking about it I get a thrill on my heels… I call this my “Achilles heels”.
·         I don’t watch TV at all. When I was young I was a TV addict, I could watch everything what was on TV, didn’t matter if it was a series, a soap opera, a reality show or a film, I could just stay hours after hours just watching. Nowadays, if I put the TV on is to watch the news or to watch a movie. And my favourite TV channel is MTv Brand New, a Dutch version of MTv which shows only brand new music videos.
·         I love to dance. But, no, I can’t dance tango. Yet.
·         I love rock music and almost everything related to the genre: alternative, grunge, Brit pop, pop, indie, etc.
·         Some years back I developed into a great fan of Robert Smith and his band The Cure. I had books, almost all their CD’s, some videos and even pictures and posters of him. The fact that he was just so different was attractive enough for me to like everything about him. I also find him really attractive when he was young, without all that make-up.
·         I never kissed a girl. And there were many times many girls wanted to kiss me. But I never let them ha ha ha.
·         I’m highly sensitive and respond immediately to the atmosphere and environment where I am. That makes me sometimes nervous about people around me. I pick up the emotions of other people and feel immediately their reject or attraction towards me.
·         I’m a connector. I come across people and ideas all the time. My talent is to connect them. I love having this talent.
·         I once wrote a letter to Michael J. Fox (from Back to the Future). Never got an answer.
·         I love almost every movie of film director Tim Burton. And of course, I love Johnny Depp.
·         I worked in a big American music store: Tower Records. This was one of my best work experiences, although it was badly paid. I met lots of great colleagues and made many friends; with whom I still have contact (via Facebook!).
·         I‘m an autodidact. Almost everything I know I learned it myself by reading and/ or by living the life I chose.
·         I hate the fact I never finished the University. Makes me feel like I miss something. Like a piece of a puzzle.
·         I get along much better with older people. Like my mom’s age or even older. I love the fact they do listen to me and they have many things to tell from which I can learn.
·         I love to learn. I can read and learn really fast and remember almost everything, even some days later. If I put it all that knowledge into practice stays forever. If not, which often happens, I just can’t remember a thing anymore.
·         I have a good memory for numbers. I still remember lots of telephone numbers and birthdays from people I don’t have contact for more than 10 years! I can remember even long passwords really easy.
·         I get inspired by colour, music and almost everything what is related to art.

.      I dream about travelling to China. Asiatic art and culture have a strong attraction on me!

·         I started reading comics and strips, when I was really young. Being a girl and reading comics back then wasn’t that common. I love the fact my oldest kid is developing the same love for comic books!


I can’t wait to be a part of The Declaration of You’s Facebook party this Friday at 9-9:30a PST/11-11:30a CST/12-12:30p EST. We’ll be chatting in real time about UNIQUITY over at Hope you can join us!


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