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A new hope


So, of course the title of this post is the name of the first, and later fourth, George Lucas’ film Star Wars. It’s not such a random title. It says a lot about struggle and how in times when everything seems difficult, there’s still hope.

And that’s how I feel today. The challenge has came to an end. It’s over and done. Today is officially the last day I will be receiving unemployment insurance and this quest on social media I started to being helped to find a job is not longer of use. Or yes it is. But in a different form. I will tell you more about it.

Reality is that  I’ve got nice tips, advice, contacts, a better network, because yes networking works, I said it before. But when it comes to a real solution to my matters, then things are different that what I was expecting. I told you about how difficult it has been to keep my spirit high after having expectations that didn’t work.

So, today on the 13th of may I still don’t have a job, money enough for one more month to pay bills, and still no clue how everything will develop after all.

And you may think, how can I still think about hope. I think that hope is something quite different than luck. Although luck looks like a nice word, it’s more a random idea of getting what you want without doing anything for it. Like winning the lottery or getting presents without waiting for them. But no, I think luck is chance of fortune, and we think it depends on what you believe in, can be religion or superstition, not depending on our own behaviour and the way of thinking.

If I was waiting all this time to be lucky, then I can still feel that day will ever come, even if that powerful thought of feeling or being lucky has nothing to do with being happy. When I think about being lucky I also think that it’s not something so serious to keep attached to. I mean, luck by being a random chance of getting something we want or need, doesn’t especially mean you will get exactly what you need or want. Or that you can get it, but doesn’t come as usual as you would like. Or better said, it doesn’t depend on you. It depends on, on what exactly? On nothing, on your belief that something supernatural will think about you and will grant you that better life you think you can’t have by yourself or by your own work.

Well, let me tell you about feeling lucky. I’ve never felt really lucky, but also never expected to be ‘saved’ by luck. In my life I learned that if you want to get something done there’s more than just plain luck to help you sort the obstacles you are facing. Also important is that no matter what for lucky amulet you’re holding in your hand or burning a candle to whom, nope, luck just doesn’t come your way.

In any case, luck is a mere title to the idea of holding to something beyond your own participation. Success, instead, is something totally different. Both luck and success can be easily confused. While luck is mere a chance of destiny or fate, success otherwise is the achievement of your own work and effort. And sometimes although you work really hard it looks like you’re missing that essential good luck many talk about. But, believe me, I know the difference. If you wish luck to somebody who’s really working hard to get something he/she wants, it may appear that only by the chance of fortune his/her desires will be fulfilled.

If you wish somebody success, you’re actually telling that person that you believe he/she will get what he/she wants just by doing his/her best. Even if that’s not how it will develop. You may ask what’s the difference. Well, in my own opinion when someone does his/her best is not expecting just to have a mere chance, he/she is just expecting to achieve it because unless the moment is not the right one, people will feel that they only need more lucky numbers or amulets to depend on to get what they actually deserve.

So, remember, don’t wish people just plain luck or much luck, wish them continuing success, give them the chance to fight for their own place and right to get what they want and need by their own efforts.

What about hope? And why a new hope? There’s not much changed in my situation since some days ago when I was writing about how this challenge was coming to an end and how I realized that after starting with it, it wasn’t just a matter of finding a job, that it actually was about finding myself.

And I’m still searching for myself. The main thing that did change was the fact of changing  my attitude towards writing in another language, or just in English. I was quite scared.  My English level has been decreased since I live in Holland. I mix it a lot with Dutch and until now didn’t have the idea how important it was. I knew I could get the attention of more people by writing a language I’ve been learning since I was 5 years old. A language I used to love, to the point of coming to Europe with the idea to go to live to London. Things changed on the way, and when I met my Dutch partner and later got pregnant we finally decided to come to live to Holland. But my whole life was marked by the English language. I graduated from High School in a bilingual school back in my home town, Buenos Aires. In that school I learned Scottish dance, had half day only subjects in English language, such as biology, literature, history (of England!), etc.
My music taste has always been English spoken, my favourite book authors have been either from USA or from UK! Everything in my life, back then, lets say 13 years ago (are you counting now? 13 years ago, today is the 13th of may.. and I’m not superstitious at all!) was clearly to be English.

But things changed. I came to live to Holland, this tiny country with such a great culture and by learning Dutch and finding my own place, I decided after some time just to go back to my Spanish roots. I must say it had been a lot to do with learning about my own country history and the fact that all colonized countries in Latin America have always been under the power of English-speaking countries. And this knowledge I didn’t have before when I was so in love with English-speaking culture. Or I didn’t care at all.

It’s a fact that countries such as Argentina and other countries in that continent who’s also called America (I needed to say it), even if it’s just plain South or Central America, have been always looking through foreign eyes, wanting to be another one of those countries colonizers.

Because, you see, after living for almost 10 years here in Holland, in my aim to learn more about the world, I realized I have not been fair with my fellow Latin American countries. By wanting so bad to be like the others I was forgetting my real roots. And by being Argentine, I’m also descendant of immigrants. You have already noticed I have an Italian name and surname.

When I started writing my blog Holanda Hispánica I clearly knew what I wanted to achieve. I wanted to build a bridge for my fellow Spanish-speakers, to share the information I could get by knowing two foreign languages. And that’s why I started writing in Spanish after some years. My goal was to give information, to help other people like me, and also not like me, showing them it wasn’t much difficult to find the information and knowledge that was out there and out of their reach.

I’m proud to say that after these last 3 years busy with my blog I also discovered how great was to be writing again. And although until today I never made money with it, I’m still truly committed to my cause. I know my blog is being read by many Spanish-speakers, and not all of them are living in the Netherlands. It was also a way for me to make peace with my past. To be part of something, a change movement that has been already taking place for long, but still is deep in ourselves to let it grow.

And that’s the quest for equality, respect and most of all, the real value we Latin Americans have. Something that we realize only when we are living abroad. And I’m happy of being part of something so necessary as that.

And now back to me. So, I said I had hope. New hope. And hope is a word that doesn’t envolve fate. It involves trust. And most of all, trust in yourself, in your heart, in your passions. And by believing in what you can achieve, you know success is out there, not too far to be reached again.

I showed you I can write in English, the most universal languages of all. Even more than Chinese, because it’s spoken in more countries and it’s the technology, scientific and commercial language par excellence to communicate among countries all over the world.

Maybe you think how lucky I was to have the chance to learn this language back then in my home town, whilst many other European countries population don’t speak it at all.

There’s no luck in that. There’s effort. Effort from my mother who did everything possible for me to be send to such a good school. And although I’ve never been grateful for my past, I now know that what makes the difference of all it’s your attitude towards the gifts you are given to. By not developing them, it’s like you’re spitting on your own face. Of course, there are still some people they will call that ‘bad luck’.

To end this post, and leave everything behind, I want to thank you all of you who took part of this challenge, either by joining the event I created on Facebook, or by sharing my challenge within your own network, liking my posts, reading my blog, sending me messages, giving me advice, tips, job offers you thought I could give a chance, etc.  A BIG THANKS TO YOU ALL. Without you I would not been here now writing and saying goodbye.

How will the future be after all this? Who knows. As for now, I will say good-bye. For sure I will be back, I have some ideas going inside my head I really want to give them a second thought and do something about them. It will have something to do with my truly passion: writing and sharing, informing and connecting, helping and creating. And I hope, my new hope, that it will also bring the money I need to survive and live the life I deserve.

I will be back. And now I’m taking some free days to disconnect myself from my current situation.

Hope to see you back. Success!


5 thoughts on “A new hope

  1. Georgina, I’ve so enjoyed this series. I hope you keep writing in English, whether it is a wholly new blog, or as a contributor elsewhere (hint hint).

    I’m saddened that you have not been able to find work. I’m sure it’s no consolation, but a (Dutch) friend of mine is in the same situation as you; her benefit runs out this month and she is the mum of two small kids and can’t find a part time job anywhere. So it’s most definitely nothing to do with you!

    I wish you continuing success, always.

    1. Thank you Nerissa. I’m sorry I didn’t answer you before. It means a lot to me you like what I write. I also wish you continuing succes!

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